Gravity Locking Kitchen Tongs

The Gravity Locking Kitchen Tongs by Vitantonio come in three convenient lengths – 228.6mm, 304.8mm, and 406.4mm.

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Meet the Gravity Locking Kitchen Tongs by Vitantonio, the must-have cooking tool! Made of 18/10 stainless steel, these tongs are both durable and food-safe. The innovative gravity locking mechanism allows for one-handed operation, so you can easily lock or unlock the tongs with a simple turn of the tong. No more manually moving pins or tabs!

The tongs come in three different lengths, 228.6mm, 304.8mm, and 406.4mm, to suit all your cooking needs. The scalloped edges make them perfect for adjusting, flipping, and rotating food, while the length makes them ideal for retrieving food from deep pots and placing or removing food from the BBQ.

Cleaning the Gravity Locking Kitchen Tongs is easy, as they are dishwasher safe and have a hang tag for convenient storage in your kitchen. Simply hang them or place them in a drawer in their locked position.

The Gravity Locking Kitchen Tongs by Vitantonio are the perfect combination of form and function. Order now and experience the ease and precision of cooking with these amazing tongs!


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