Wood Lacquered Red Pepper Mill

Introducing the Wood Lacquered Red Pepper Mill by Vitantonio, a perfect tool for enjoying freshly ground pepper. This mill is handcrafted from hardwood and features a beautiful hand-painted red lacquer finish. Its stainless steel grinding mechanism guarantees durable performance free from rust or corrosion. With its adjustable feature, you can effortlessly achieve your preferred grind, whether fine or coarse.

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Introducing the Wood Lacquered Red Pepper Mill by Vitantonio! This mill is made from 100% non-toxic hardwood and has a size of 215mm (H) x 56mm (W), making it a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Designed for everyday use, refilling the mill is as simple as unscrewing the top. You can adjust the grind easily by tightening the top knob for finer grinds or loosening it for coarser grinds.

What sets this pepper mill apart is its high-quality stainless steel core mechanism, specifically designed for grinding whole peppercorns. Experience the freshest and most flavorful pepper in your dishes.

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze – just wipe the mill with a damp cloth. It also comes in a gift box, making it an excellent choice for gifting. Rest assured, this mill is proudly manufactured in Italy, known for its craftsmanship.

Please note that peppercorns are not included. Elevate your cooking experience with the Wood Lacquered Red Pepper Mill by Vitantonio – a must-have for any chef or culinary enthusiast.


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